Tin Bath Theatre are currently developing our next show, Holiday Selfie. Over the next three weeks, Writer/Performer Sophie Woolley (who's over from Cape Town) will be working with Director Gemma Fairlie to develop this exciting new piece in London. Check out our Holiday Selfie page for more details or click here to visit our show blog.

Sophie went on holiday from herself, completely escaped. A bold new hybrid of sound art and storytelling about how it feels to hear again after being profoundly deaf. Written and performed by Sophie Woolley, directed by Gemma Fairlie and produced by award winning Tin Bath Theatre Company. 

Best. Holiday. Ever. *smugface* Her true story of how she did it, and what happened next, will BLOW YOUR MIND.

Tin Bath is a theatre company formed by writer/ performer Sophie Woolley and director Gemma Fairlie. The company produces exciting interactive theatre that is accessible to deaf and hard of hearing people. We have created a unique way of captioning theatre that uses animation, graphics, text and visual jokes. The result is part video game, part cartoon and entertaining to all.