"Following the success of When to Run, the actress and playwright teams up once again with director Gemma Fairlie. Along with actor David Rubin, she screams, shouts, staggers, gallops and pogo-sticks her way through a myriad of interlinking scenes and characters giving audiences a delightfully skewered snapshot of life outside a west London kebab shop....Morgan Large's set is a treat, hosting some of theatre's most inventive captions (meant for deaf audience members, but I found myself frequently reading them, they were so entertaining), part-animated and fully integrated into Woolley's white-knuckle ride."

Time Out **** 


"It is fast paced, funny and ridiculously energetic...This production uses an open caption technique with three overhead projectors which fire out words and animations in time with the performers' delivery. In this way the captions become part of the fabric of the piece, an integral part of its look and feel. When a character's name is shouted repeatedly in anger, the word hits the screen again and again, bang, bang, bang, the letters growing bigger and fizzier each time. And while this obviously benefits deaf audience members, it allows everyone in the audience the chance to better appreciate the wonderful manglings of the language that many of the characters employ..."

The Guardian 


"I walk home and the street is strewn with litter and chicken bones from left over take-aways. Some local teens hanging about on the street are heckling their mate in KFC who is giving the man on the counter a hard time. It's almost as if I am a character in Fight Face, a very funny, if slightly depressingly real, depiction of our society from comic writer Sophie Woolley, a "happy slappy" take on life today. It's fast paced, funny, sad, violent, loving - everything that life can be."

Whatsonstage.com ****