Holiday Selfie is a bold new hybrid of sound art and storytelling about how it feels to hear again after being profoundly deaf. Written and performed by Sophie Woolley, directed by Gemma Fairlie and produced by award winning Tin Bath Theatre Company.

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Sophie Woolley is a writer and performer. She has written comedies for Radio 4, starred in solo shows and stand up across the UK, was a lead in Channel 4's series Cast Offs and has written and starred in several shows for Tin Bath Theatre that have won major awards as part of the Cultural Olympiad (Bee Detective, Fight Face and When to Run.)

Until eight months ago she was also profoundly deaf. She started losing her hearing in her teens and wore hearing aids every day from the age of 31. Over the next eight years her deafness reached profound and total levels across the frequencies. After many tests she was approved for a cochlear implant on her right side. The implant was activated in late August 2013 and in the weeks that followed the transformation was incredible.

This is Sophie's story told through monologue and sound. It will chart her journey through the clicks, beeps and recognition of her husband's voice after years of sign language. The joy of hearing what people say, (no matter how boring), the surprise of being badly chatted up and the sheer delight of discovering the tune her washing machine plays when its finished.