Jenghiz works at Real Taste kebab shop but dreams of being an action hero and finally losing his virginity. He fancies single mum Helen but his hopeless attempts to woo her are constantly interrupted by a barrage of demanding customers.

Over 24 hours Jenghiz is pushed to his limits, until finally, during a slapstick kebab shop fight and arson attack, he cracks and transforms into the hero of his action movie fantasies.

 ..a "happy slappy" take on life today. It's fast paced, funny, sad, violent, loving - everything that life can be." ****


Fight Face is a fast paced, funny but ultimately poignant portrayal of people in a city pushed to their limits. It is full of charicature, slapstick and direct audience addresses but underneath the bravado and swaggering it asks the question - do you need a fight face to survive in Britain today?


* Please note that this trailer is from the 2008 version of the show. 

We performed 30 minutes of the new show at the Library Theatre on Thurs 17th Sept 2009. You can watch a half hour clip on Vimeo. This was our first time working with the actor Nick Khan and using the new graphics package for our captions. Both seemed to go down well!

We received a lovely review from Disability Arts Online.

Here are a few quotes from the review:

"I've seen a few of Sophie's shows before and her ability for creating and performing such deeply flawed yet intensely believable characters always astounds me. She is well matched in this piece by Nick Khan, whose kebab-shop worker Jenghiz really moved me with his shy and quiet demeanor, until he got hold of the gun, that is.

You can't even try to describe the plot of any of Sophie's work in around 300 words (think Albert Square on acid), the twists and turns are enough to make your head ache. The stories may be extreme but the emotions are raw and real, and instantly recognizable.

So we didn't see the whole show due to the time available within the Decibel schedule, but I saw enough to make me want to get online now and book a ticket for when its anywhere within 150 miles of me. I need to know how the fire at the kebab shop started, if Tabitha ever got a shag and if that bloody baby ever stopped crying!"

Jo Verrent