Bee Detective

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 Fight Face

The show is designed to tour to mid scale studio spaces. It tours with four technicians/ stage management and two performers. Running time is 1hour 15mins. 

Synopsis: Jenghiz is a kebab shop drudge who dreams of being an action hero. He fancies single mum Helen but his hopeless attempts to woo her are constantly interrupted by a barrage of demanding customers.

The drama unfolds over 24 hours during which Jenghiz is pushed to his limits, until finally, during a slapstick kebab shop fight and arson attack, he cracks and transforms into the hero of his action movie fantasies.

An urban comedy, Fight Face explores the aggression city dwellers feel as a result of the constant barrage of noise, bad food and annoying passersby.

It is a fast paced and physical show with elements of slapstick and charicature but ultimately a very poignant love story in the middle of the most unlikely situation. 

During the run at the Lyric Hammersmith we received positive feedback from all ages but the show particularly appeals to the 16-25 age group. We have limited the swearing and would recommend the show for a 14+ audience.




 When to Run

Sophie and Gemma's first collaboration. When to Run is a one woman show starring Sophie Woolley. It can tour to a variety of spaces and is available to programme for one off events.

The show has been seen at the Royal Festival Hall (Purcell Room), Soho Theatre Studio, various literary festivals around the UK, a Nike benefit evening and at cabaret and comedy venues throughout London.

The show tours with one performer and one technician and reuqires a back wall or cyc to project the captions onto. The show can be programmed without captions in special circumstances. 



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